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Translated published edition in 2012, SAID TO BE ONE OF THE BEST BIOGRAPHIES OF SAINT FRANCIS: Francis of Assisi:  The Life and Afterlife of a Medieval Saint by Vauchez Andre.   May be purchased on amazon.com in used books.  

Saint Francis of Assisi by Omer Englebert.  ISBN 1616366087, ISBN-13 9781616366087.

The Franciscans by Brother Bill Short, OFM (TAU Publishing, LLC), 2nd edition (2013).    ISBN-10: 1619561212,  ISBN-13: 978-1619561212.

Bonaventure: The Soul’s Journey Into God / The Tree of Life / The Life of St. Francis (The Classics of Western Spirituality), translation by Ewert Cousins.

The Perfect Joy of Saint Francis by Felix Timmerans.  Recommended by Benedict Groeschel, CFR, who says about the book:  “One of the classic lives of St. Francis.”

Poverty and Joy, The Franciscan Tradition by William J. Short, OFM.

The Franciscan Tradition (Spirituality in History Series) by Regis J. Armstrong, Ingrid J. Peterson.

Clare of Assisi and Saint Clare, Beyond the Legend, two books by Marco Bartoli.

Franciscan Prayer by Ilia Delio OSF.

Simply Bonaventure:  An Introduction to His Life, Thought and Writings, 2nd Edition by Ilia Delio OSF.

The Humility of God:  A Franciscan Perspective by Ilia Delio OSF.

Clare of Assisi:  A Heart Full of Love by Ilia Delio.

And all other books by Ilia Delio OSF.  See listing at amazon.com.

The Franciscan Journey – Embracing the Franciscan Vision by Lester Bach, OFM.  To order, contact Smoky Valley Printing, Box 189, Lindsborg, KS 67456. 785.227.2364, Fax 785.227.3360, E-mail lindabce@kans.com

The Strategy That Saved Assisi bu Francesco Santucci (Read this book for the true story from World War II which the movie Assisi Underground does not provide.)

Francis of Assisi, Early Documents in 4 volumes:  The Saint, The Founder, The Prophet, Index,  ed Regis Armstrong OFM Cap, J.A. Wayne Hellman OFM Conv, William Short OFM.

Clare of Assisi – The Lady: Early Documents by Regis J. Armstrong (Translator).  ISSBN-10: 1565482212I; ISBN-13: 978-1565482210.

Francis:  The Journey and the Dream by Murray Bodo.

Out of Print/New/Used Books:


LEARN 25:  https://www.learn25.com/product-category/catholic-courses/ .

Excellent Franciscan and Catholic Courses.  (This was once Now You Know Media).


Saints Francis and Clare have bequeathed to all of us an extraordinary legacy. Join some of the world’s best Franciscan teachers in exploring Franciscan history, Franciscan spirituality, and the many other subjects our Franciscan professors and retreat masters know best. Imagine taking a single course from the likes of Br. Bill Short, Sr. Ilia Delio, Fr. Michael Crosby, Sr. Joan Mueller or Fr. Murray Bodo. Now you can enjoy hundreds of studio-recorded Franciscan lectures by these and many other Franciscan professors in your home or car.

Journeying with Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi,
and Saint Bonaventure of Bagnoregio 
– Great website with video lectures, audios and other resources.

National Formation Commission

TAU-USA, publication of the National Fraternity.

FUN Manual 5/12/11, on the excellent website of St. Katharine Drexel Region

To order a copy of the FUN manual, go here.

2011 model Formation program

PATHWAY to Profession Diagram_

What is the Kingdom of God

Facebook page of NAFRA USA 

Lumen Gentium (Note especially Chapter 4)

To order Franciscan publications, including The Franciscan Journey by Lester Bach, OFM, for formation, contact Smoky Valley Printing, Box 189, Lindsborg, KS 67456. 785.227.2364, Fax 785.227.3360, E-mail lindabce@kans.com

Clare and Francis movie cover

Produced under the sponsorship of the Franciscan Order, Clare and Francis was shot on location in Italy by Italian film company Lux Vide—the producers of Saint Rita, Pope John Paul II, and St. John Bosco. It is unique among films on Francis because of its historical accuracy and its authentic spirit of joy and piety that Francis was known for, as well as the major role played by Clare, who is given equal stature with Francis. Purchase from Ignatius Press.

(Web Designer: This is the best Francis and Clare movie that I have seen. I highly recommend.)

From the Prologue, No. 4, The Soul’s Journey to God by St. Bonaventure

First, therefore, I invite the reader
to the groans of prayer
through Christ crucified,
through whose blood
we are cleansed from the filth of vice –
so that he not believe
that reading is sufficient without unction,
speculation without devotion,
investigation without wonder,
observation without joy,
work without piety,
knowledge without love,
understanding without humility,
endeavor without divine grace,
reflection as a mirror without divinely inspired wisdom.
To those, therefore, predisposed by divine grace,
the humble and the pious,
the contrite and the devout,
those anointed with the oil of gladness,
the lovers of divine wisdom, and
those inflamed with a desire for it,
to those wishing to give themselves
to glorifying, wondering at and even savoring God,
I propose the following considerations,
suggesting that the mirror presented by the external world
is of little or no value
unless the mirror of the soul
has been cleansed and polished.

Therefore, man of God,
first exercise yourself in remorse of conscience
before you raise your eyes
to the rays of Wisdom reflected in its mirrors,
least perhaps from gazing upon those rays
you fall into a deeper pit of darkness.

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