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Cross of Love

“Life is a Journey on the Cross of Love.”  Patty Palmer, OFS.


If you suffer with Him, you shall reign with Him,
if you weep with Him, you
shall rejoice with Him;
if you die with Him on the cross of tribulation,
you shall possess heavenly mansions in the splendour of the saints
and, in the Book of Life, your name shall be called glorious among humankind.
Because of this you shall share always and forever
the glory of the kingdom of heaven in place of earthly and passing things,
and everlasting treasures instead of those that perish, and you shall live forever.

(St Clare second letter to Agnes)



O God our Father, Creator of all the living,
we entrust to Your gentle care
all those we love who have gone before us;
and have gone to their rest in the hope of rising again.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Eternal rest, grant unto our Franciscan brothers and sisters,
O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of the faithful departed
through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


In Loving Memory of Our Sister
Patty Palmer, OFS
April 11, 1940 – January 8, 2011


  “Those who knew her best, knew her heart
and were blessed to know her love and generosity.”
Ouida Tomlinson, OFS


Painting by Mary Patricia O’Neill Palmer, OFS

In Loving Memory of Our Brother
Roy E. Tomlinson, OFS
December 18, 1923 – May 18, 2011


One did not forget singing Amazing Grace with Tom at Mass.
He always cried, and when we finished singing,
I loved both God and Tom much more
“than when we’ve first begun.”
Ouida Tomlinson, OFS



In Loving Memory of Our Brother
Lawrence Joseph “L. J.” Reiss, OFS
July 10, 1923 – May 15, 2013

L. J. Reiss

Having met L. J., one never forgot him,
this sometimes grumpy, but forever tenderhearted Franciscan.
He was a story teller par excellence,
drawing on memories of his world travels and experiences.
His holy wife Alice (also a Secular Franciscan) accompanied him
through many adventures and testified that his stories were all true.
He was a faithful Secular Franciscan and servant,
especially to his parish, Saint Charles Borromeo in Picayune, MS.
He was a recipient of the Lumen Christi award in 2010.


Jesus, remember me
when you come into your kingdom.
Jesus, remember me
when you come into your kingdom.



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